Benefits of eating beet

Nutritional values:

Beets have a lot of nutritional values. They are high in various important minerals and organic compounds. Some of its compositions are:

Carotenoids, fibre, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus and anthocyanins.


Health benefits:

  1. Excellent for heart health: Beet contains properties due to which the cholesterol levels and the triglyceride levels are forced to retain their normal levels in the body. Daily consumption of beets thus helps us do away with a number of cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes. The fibres in beet prove to be extremely effective on this regard.
  2. Helps give birth to a normal baby: There are times when mothers give birth to babies with some kind of defects. Luckily for those mothers, who consumed more beet during their pregnancy have been found to beat the risks of giving birth with such birth defects to their babies. Beet contains vitamin B folate. So, when a pregnant woman consumes beet, she is actually developing a strong spinal column of her baby. This helps the infant get rid of several defects caused due to the under development and under nourishment of this neural tube.  
  3. Anti-cancer properties: Beet is a very healthy and nutritional food. It contains a pigment called betacyanins. This pigment forms a big resistance to the growth of cancerous cells. Cancer is basically the uncontrolled growth of highly damaged cells. By stopping the growth of these cells, the disease can be cured and it also works as prevention. Various researches have proven that beets are magical when it comes to the prevention of skin, lung and colon cancer.
  4. Great for our liver: Beet juice contains betaines. This element is exceptionally good for the liver health. They maintain and helps optimize the functions of the liver.
  5. Great for digestive system: Beet is good for our digestive system. It helps remove toxins from our body. They also boost the metabolism rate to a higher extent.
  6. Boosts energy: Owing to their capacity of increasing the metabolism of the body, it can be concluded that they make our body more active and hence energetic. We actually tend to become healthier.
  7. Good for our respiratory system: Beets are awesome for our respiratory system, especially for patients suffering from asthma. The vitamin C content in excellent to maintain the health of our respiratory organs. Besides, this vegetable contains anti-oxidants which also aid to helping us in this process. Also, beetroot protects our lungs from the dangerous disease known as lung cancer.
  8. Good for our eyes: Due to the concentration of a powerful antioxidant known as vitamin A, beets are amazing when it comes to the protection of the health of our eyes, even on occasions of aging. It prevents the formation of cataracts to a great extent until age pushes it away. This helps in other problems related to muscular degeneration of the eyes and other problems due to aging.
  9. Vitamin C content in beets build a strong structure of our capillaries.

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