There are a number of benefits of practising Surya Namaskar regularly. This is the only system of yoga that includes a number of postures arranged in scientific manner.

Time : This Yoga should be done at the early morning hours. This is basically a process of sun salutation; hence its hour.

Venue : Any form of yoga is meant to be performed in fresh air, early in the morning, ideally. Nowadays, people have been observed to do them in closed air conditioned rooms as well, probably due to the lack of open space. However, the former is the best and the scientific one.

Benefits of Surya Namaskar:

There are a huge number of benefits of the sun salutation process. However, we are listing down a few of them below:

  1. Weight loss: This is a major concern in today’s world. Almost every second person throughout on an average, throughout the globe is striving harder to become slim and gain a healthy body. This can be called the best technique because this is a very calm process of burning down those extra unwanted fat and calories. A few repetitions mean quite a number of postures being done at a scientific queue. Hence, it is proved that this process reduces a considerable amount of weight if consistently practised, with due course of time. One needs to be highly patient in order to lose weight by yoga, because it takes time, not incredibly much though.
  2. Cures breathing problems: Yoga and any kind of breathing exercises in the early hours of the morning are proven to cure any kind of breathing problem. The germs and toxins in the body oxidizes and soothes our system in the process of curing it. Sun salutation or as colloquially termed as the Surya Namaskar accelerates this curing process due to this courses of postures and the queue of breathing techniques. This purifies and strengthens the inner system uniquely.
  3. Heals muscle pain: Owing to its stretching processes, the sun salutation process cures any kind of muscle pain in the body parts which might be injured and are in pain; the reason might be fatigue, weakness of different nature or any other. The muscle not only gains relief from pain, but this process also strengthens the muscles to prevent further injury and rejuvenates them so that fatigue finds it harder to hit them again.
  4. Other medical problems: Regular practice of Surya Namaskar heals a number of physical ailments. It basically oxidises the entire body. A number of cardiac problems, problems due to abnormal levels of thyroid, blood sugar, cholesterol and a lot more are cured by this technique.


Conclusion : Surya Namskar has a lot of other benefits besides the above mentioned ones. This is process of getting completely cured. Hence, it is recommended for regular practise for everyone of all age. It increases agility and life power of humans and ensures a healthy and better living.