There are a number of foods that aid in losing weight. However, each and every food has their own way of functioning inside the human body. Also, the amount of calories burnt down depends on the food and their properties.

In this article, there is a list of some foods of this kind that helps us in our weight loss venture.

  1. Eggs: this is one of the healthiest foods available in the market nowadays. There are a number of unique properties in this food which makes it so useful to us. Eggs are also, very high in nutrients and hence make us less hungry for a longer time. It is beneficial to consume one egg daily at the breakfast table.
  2. Green leafy vegetables: green leafy vegetables offer a good amount of essential nutrients to our body. Consuming boiled vegetables regularly or green leafy vegetables in the form of fresh salad have been found to absorb fats that from the tough regions like the tummy and thighs.
  3. Fish: Protein is a necessary food to maintain healthy diet.
  4. Meat, preferably chicken breast: this is a part of a balanced diet.
  5. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli
  6. Beans and legumes
  7. Soups: liquid diet is one of the best ways to lose weight; liquids find no room to settle down and create that heavy bulk around the mid- region of the body or anywhere else for that matter and hence does not aid in gaining weight. It keeps us filled for a longer time.
  8. Avocados
  9. Cottage cheese: A milk product is a must in our daily diet. It is highly nutritious, keeps our tummy full for a longer time and curtails our hunger. There are a number of other benefits of consuming cottage cheese besides losing weight.
  10. Apple cider vinegar: This is also a good ingredient that helps in losing weight.
  11. Nuts: Nuts have a lot of other properties which makes this a nutritious diet. Consuming a palm full of nut daily cures a lot of diseases. Nuts put our hunger away for a good span of time.
  12. Whole grains: this actually constitutes of the staple foods. They just cannot be done with. Whole grains are rich in fibre. It cleanses our bowels and improves our health conditions. It boosts our energy and helps us stay full for a longer time and we do not get hungry.
  13. Chilli peppers
  14. Fruits: Fruits have a number ofbesides weight loss. However, it helps us reduce weight for being rich in fibre. Fruits such as watermelon, orange, etc. have a greater content of water which is beneficial.
  15. Yoghurt:absolutely fat free yoghurt absorbs belly fat in a significantly shorter span of time. Consuming around 300gm of yoghurt daily in our lunch helps us lose weight faster and tones our body and gifts us a beautiful shape.
  16. Oats: This should be consumed as our breakfast. It is high in fibre and helps us reduce weight.