Tea is an important beverage in our lifestyles. Personally speaking, I cannot even do works of any sort without that morning tea. It rejuvenates and energises my body. Similarly, there are other kinds of addictions to this beverage as well. There are people who prefer having tea a number of times amidst their work schedules in order to regain or boost up their energy levels.

However, it is necessary to own healthy habits of having tea. Otherwise, a number of problems can rise. The various medical problems associated with unhealthy habits of consuming tea are obesity, rise in the blood sugar level, irregular cholesterol levels and many more.

Green tea

This tea is probably the most famous one today. Television advertisements, banners and those health magazines, everywhere this green tea is seen to pose really well. Now, there has to be reasons why this tea is gaining popularity. An advertisement quoted a few days back, “ Green tea and a little bit of exercise everyday makes a healthier you”. I would jot down the few important benefits of having green tea:

  1. Firstly, of course this helps in losing weight, it curbs down the extra and unwanted fat from the body.
  2. Regular habit of consuming green tea improves brain function.
  3. Makes us look smarter
  4. Improves physical performances
  5. Boosts energy of the body.
  6. Increases the metabolic rate
  7. May lower some risks of various types of cancer.
  8. Improves dental health. So to all those beauty conscious people, switch to green tea soon.
  9. This might lower the risk of having the type II diabetes which is basically the increase in the blood sugar level. This might be somewhat related to obesity. So green tea prohibits and cures obesity as well.
  10. Green tea reduces the risk of various cardiovascular diseases which is inclusive of stroke(the biggest cause of death in this world).
  11. Controls the cholesterol levels.
  12. Decreases the risk of dying and increases the life span of a person.

What did I mean by Green tea stuff?

I have been going through a number of forums and have come across one common question among most of the people throughout the globe. Obesity is seemingly the most irritating complaint anybody does; here it is definitely irritating for the person who is complaining. So people have raised a question –

How to lose weight faster ?

Now weight can be lost faster, however the slow and steady method is proven to last longer. This article now shares all those secret ingredients which when mixed into the cup of green tea accelerates the fat burning process to a greater extent.

Those ingredients are:

  1. Lemon
  2. Honey
  3. Ginger

Mixing a good amount of the natural lemon juice along with a table spoon of honey in the cup of water which has been boiled with little amount of ginger, with the green tea bag dipped in it causes miraculous effects on the body.