Tea is an important beverage in all our lives.

So, what is tea?

Tea is an aromatic beverage. According to a survey, it is the second most consumed drink in the world, after water. To be more accurate with the definition of ‘tea’, it is the liquid that is a result of boiling over cured leaves of Camellia sinesis, which is an evergreen shrub which is native to regions of Asia.

7 varieties of tea

  1. Oolong tea
  2. Green tea
  3. Herbal tea
  4. Black tea
  5. White tea
  6. Yellow tea
  7. Fermented tea



This is a traditional Chinese tea. The tea leaves are subject to oxidation, withering and drying processes under the sun before curling the leaves for boiling them in water. So, this makes it evident that this kind of tea is specially cultivated in an unique technique to make it stand out of the crowd. This is also summoned as a partially fermented variety of black tea.

Regions of popularity: Oolong tea is native to the Chinese lands in the south eastern part of Asia.

Benefits: Oolong tea has a number of health benefits. We are listing down a few of them in this article:

  1. Reduction in cardiac ailments.
  2. Reduction in cholesterol levels.
  • Contains vital anti-oxidants.
  1. Promotes the health of bones in our body.
  2. Improves dental condition.
  3. Removes harmful radicals from our body.
  • Promotes weight loss.
  • Makes our skin healthy.
  1. Cures and controls diabetes.
  2. Possesses anti – cancer properties.
  3. Helps in stress management.
  • Enhances mental performances

Disadvantages: Oolong tea is believed to be high in caffeine. An excess amount of caffeine in human body causes several ailments like headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, diarrhoea, etc.


This kind is another native from the lands of China. However, unlike Oolong tea, there isn’t any withering and oxidation processes with the leaves that result in this tea. Green tea is generally made by the steeping or brewing processes at a temperature ranging from 67 – 87 degree Celsius lasting for about 30 seconds to three minutes.

Benefits of green tea: Some of the benefits of consuming green tea regularly have been stated below:

  1. Improves health and immune system
  2. Improves brain function and enhances mental performances
  3. Enable faster fat burning and hence helps in weight loss
  4. Lowers the risk of various types of cancer.
  5. Protects brain even at old age.
  6. Improves dental health and lowers various risks of dental infection.
  7. Lowers the risk of the second type of diabetes.
  8. Reduces the probability of cardiovascular diseases.

This kind of tea is made by infusion of herbs and other plant materials in water.

Advantage: They do not contain caffeine. Also, it helps in losing weight and relieves from cough and cold.


Other kinds of tea are so highly beneficial due to its own method of production. However, any one can be consumed daily.