Uses of grapes

Grapes are amazingly tasty fruits. Here are some of its health benefits:

  1. Migraine: The headache due to migraine is horrible. They tend to be maddening when they are cumulated on exposure to external noise. Consumption of ripe grape juice early in the morning helps combat this illness.
  2. Brain health ( Alzheimer’s disease): Grapes are very good for the brain health, especially from problems due to aging. They rejuvenate the brain cells and helps keeping it healthier and active.
  3. Eye vision: Grapes help in having a good eye sight. They offer resistance to problems due to aging. They have capabilities to restrain muscular degeneration of the eye muscles.
  4. Breast cancer: Grapes are ideal in prevention of breast cancer. The consumption of the purple coloured grape juice also helps in the breast tumour reduction.
  5. Indigestion: Grapes cure bowel problems due to indigestion. They also cure irritations in the stomach and problems associated with it.
  6. Cholesterol: Grapes help in maintaining the normal blood cholesterol level. The presence of the pterostilbene compound helps in reducing the high blood cholesterol level and keeps it normal.
  7. Kidney problems: Grapes keep our kidneys healthy. They help in the elimination of uric acid in our body. They also reduce the pressure on our kidneys.
  8. Respiratory system: Grapes have been found to cure respiratory problems like asthma. Their high assimilatory power helps in increasing the moisture level in the lungs, which in turn makes breathing easier.
  9. Anti-bacterial system: Red grapes possess antibacterial and antiviral properties. This helps in the treatment of various infections. Also, this property protects our body from infectious diseases.
  10. Constipation and metabolism: Grapes are rich in organic acid, sugar and polyose which gives it laxative properties. Drinking a glass of grape juice daily causes relief and helps us in getting rid of constipation. Grapes also increase the metabolism of the body. Besides, grapes contain a considerable amount of insoluble fibre, which aids to the entire process.
  11. Cardiovascular magic: Grapes maintain cholesterol levels and the blood sugar levels of our body. This makes grapes protect our heart as well.


Grapes are so amazing for our skin and hair. Here are some of its uses in this regard:

  1. Protects skin from sunburns: Grapes contain powerful antioxidants like proanthocyanidins and resveratrol. Applying a layer of grape seed extract on our skin makes it function like a strong sunscreen.
  2. Anti-ageing preventions: The extract from the grape seeds also prevent the damages caused to ageing. Regular application of the pulp as a mask protects our skin, keeps it healthy and maintains its youthful radiance.
  3. Softens and rejuvenates our skin: A high content of vitamin E in the grape seed extract makes it a very good exfoliator and moisturiser. Besides, it cures the patches on the skin and reduces the uneven skin tone.
  4. Good for healthy hair:  Massaging grape seed oil on the scalp increases the blood circulation, which results in increase in hair growth. This also cures seborrheic dermatitis. It acts as a moisturiser on our scalp and prevents the formation of dandruff.


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