Why spinach should be a part of our daily diet.

What is spinach?

Spinach is of course a vegetable, as we commonly say. However, biologically, spinach is a flowering plant, the leaves of which are consumed as vegetables.

To which authorised family does this belong?

The scientific name of spinach is Spinacia oleracea. This edible plant belongs to the Amaranthaceae family.

Where do they hail from?

These plants hail from the vast lands of central and western Asia.

Anything more to say?

Yes! Spinach is an annual plant. They mostly survive in the winter season of the temperate regions.

To look back at its history, this flowering plant originated in ancient Persia. It was later introduced in India, China and Nepal.

Varieties of spinach.

Spinach has a few varieties. They are:

  1. Semi-savoy spinach
  2. Baby spoon spinach
  3. Red spinach

Why should we consume spinach?

Spinach is an amazing food. It is not only delicious, but it has a number of health benefits. Some of the benefits of consuming spinach are discussed below:

  1. Potassium reserve: Spinach is rich in potassium.
  • Potassium is very important for both physical and mental health.
  • It protects the mineral density of the bones.
  • It prevents the formation of kidney stones.
  • Controls heart rate.
  • Controls blood pressure of the body.
  1. Magnesium reserve: Spinach is also rich source of magnesium.
  • Magnesium is an important element necessary for protein synthesis.
  • It actively regulates neural activities.
  • Maintains proper functioning of the nervous system.
  • Regulates blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Controls the blood pressure of the body.
  1. Iron reserve: Spinach is a rich source of iron as well.
  • Regulates the production of red blood cells.
  • Prevents anaemia.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  1. Source of anti-oxidants: The leaves of spinach, which are used as vegetables, contain a lot of anti-oxidants. Some of which are:
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Polyphenol antioxidants.
  • Lutein
  • Beta-carotene
  • Zea-xanthin.

         The health benefits due to these are:

  • Protects our body from harmful radicals and reactive oxygen species.
  • Prevents the aging process
  • Helps in weight reduction’
  • Prevents the development of various diseases.
  1. Protein reservoir: Spinach leaves contain a good amount protein. The health benefits due to these are:
  • Helps in digestion by breaking down enzymes into amino acids.
  • Aids to weight loss.
  1. Benefits of kaempferol: Kaempferol is an antioxidant. The use of this is:
  • Lowers the risk of cancer.
  • Prevents the growth of various chronic diseases.
  1. Concentration of nitrates: The health benefits of nitrates are:
  • They protect our cardiovascular system.
  • Takes care of our heart health.
  1. Eye health: Spinach is great for our eye health due to the following reasons:
  • Zea-xanthin : This antioxidants provide our eyes with light filtering capabilities. They improve eye function and protect our retina.
  • Lutein: Lutein also effectively protects our eye health. It takes care of our retina and reduces the tension of the eyes. Prevents the problems of eyes that occur due to aging.

There are several other benefits of spinach which makes it a healthy infusion in our diets.

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