5 Right Ways To Exercise

Confused about best way to be fit and healthy? Here are 5 ways to exercise the right way so that you can reap benefits and conquer each morning!

  1. Free hand exercises : Free hand exercises should be a must to begin with. They might be basic things which we have learnt in the Physical Training classes at school level. However, they are of high efficiency level and ensure a better boost of energy for the heavy schedule of exercise we are heading towards. Another important benefit of making these exercises a habit is that they do not require instruments and are mobile in the sense that they can be practised even we are on a trip to some other place. There is no need to look for a gym in a new place. Such exercises can be done regularly in fresh air preferably to remain agile forever.
  2. Stretching : Stretching exercises are types of yoga, rather they can be termed as yoga as well. These postures make our body strong and immune to tough body building hacks. Especially during those heavy weight lifting tasks, the body should be absolutely flexible and strong. Yoga helps a body grow stronger and more stronger with time. There are typical postures which are known to scientifically cure certain injuries. Also, they aid to the body building strategies. Hence, in accordance with the first point, yoga should also be practised regularly for a fixed span of time. Yoga can be practised anywhere residential. They do not require visiting the gymnasium.
  3. Cardio : Such trainings strengthen up breathing capabilities. It pumps the lungs and makes it work faster. This increases metabolism and mechanisms within the body. They not only help lose weight, but also strengthen the body and increases its energy level to a greater esteem.
  4. Weight training : Each individual should definitely have their own personal trainer for this. It is very important to understand the body type and the entire physical health of the person opting for this optimum fitness strategy in the gym. Nothing should be overdone as it might prove fatal. Proper procedures should be followed, lest serious injuries are likely to occur.
  5. Treadmill and elliptical : They are almost identical machines with the difference of the running angle. The elliptical is more like running to and fro up a hill and back ; while the trade mill can be a synonym of a walker, rather it is like an artificial way of running on a road with the 180 degree elevation. The uphill of the elliptical is not terribly high but it is slightly tilted in the upward direction in the inner edge. So, this should be noticed while buying this instrument at home or while availing it in the gymnasium. The calories lost in both these instruments are absolutely different. It is evident from their angular discretion that obviously running up a hill shreds more calories than running across the street keeping the time of comparison exactly constant. This also means that a person gets more exhausted after running in an elliptical than on the treadmill.


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