Science behind “Early to bed, early to rise…”

All of us have heard the famous saying by Benjamin Franklin, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Most of us are in a habit of staying up late into the night and waking up later in the day. This goes diametrically opposite to the proverb and our health at the same time. There is a power behind the early morning schedules and it is important for us to understand all of that.

Here are 10 scientific reasons why this saying is absolutely true.

  1. Get rid of negativity: Rising up early in the morning keeps us close to the nature. It cleanses off the dirt in our minds. This is a scientific process and various researches down the course of centuries have continuously added to proves of these statements. Just like the fresh air in the morning is devoid of pollution, similarly it squeezes out the negativities from us.
  2. Assured success: This is basically another proven fact. Waking up in the morning makes us more systematic. We tend to do a lot of work during these peaceful ours than in the mid-day.
  3. Active: We tend to become more active by following this norm. Reasons are simple and interlinked. Owing to our systematic lifestyle, we become highly active and continue staying till the end of the day. This is another reason why we can work harder towards a step to success.
  4. Healthy: This habit makes us healthy due to a number of reasons. Firstly, we breathe in the fresh air which is absolutely clean. It oxidises the toxins of our body. Besides, the added hours help us get a strict diet, in turn making us healthy. For people associated with business of any sort, it is important that we stay healthy each day, because we do not deserve to have an excuse for taking a leave.
  5. Makes us happier: Active and healthy lifestyle that lacks any of the negativities is definitely sure to make us happy and yet happier.
  6. Best for stress reduction: Early morning inhaling is indispensible for stress reduction.
  7. Have a great look for the day: A healthy body and mind gives the best look, any make up can possible deliver. So, it is important to follow this if you are way too concerned with your beauty hacks.
  8. Have plenty of time: Waking up in the early hours provides us with plenty of time. This makes add a lot more to routine. We tend to do more work; more so, because we are filled with positive energies.
  9. Enhances concentration capacity: this schedule also possesses this magical property to enhance our concentration capacity. We tend to grow more focused to our work which yields us great results.
  10. Strengthens our will power: We become a powerhouse of positive energies. We develop a staunch will to conquer our world of imaginations. We also have a lot of time throughout the day to do so.


So, remember to go to bed early and wake up early and create a better you.


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