Wonders about honey!


What is honey?

Honey is a sweet food. It is a liquid substance which is viscous in nature. To elaborate a little more about it; honey is collected and made by honey bees.

Interesting! Right?

Honeybees gather these nectars from different flowers. Nectars are sugary secretions. They collect these secretions and produce honey through three activities, namely regurgitation and enzymatic activities and vaporisation of water.

Regurgitation: In simple language, this is the other name for vomiting. It is the expulsion of undigested food from the pharynx of the living organism.

Enzymatic activities: Enzymatic activities refer to the action of enzymes. Enzymes are biological catalysts that accelerate the chemical reactions.

What next?

They store their hard work in exclusive wax structures, known as honeycombs. This honey is collected by a group of men who have dedication their lives to this dangerous profession. This practice of collecting honey from the honeycombs is known as beekeeping.

So, this is basically a whole lot of team work.

Honey is very important for our health. Do you know why?

  1. Cures allergies: Honey possesses the anti-inflammatory property, due to which this is excellently effective in the treatment of allergies. This acts as a natural vaccine which makes this a natural medicine.
  2. Boosts our system: Honey gives us a lot of energy. Daily consumption of honey can help in getting rid of tiredness and fatigue. Owing to its high carbohydrate level, honey offers a huge amount of energy to the body.
  3. Strengthens our capacity to recollect: Honey is an amazing memory booster, owing to its rich source of anti-oxidants. The antioxidants feed the brain sufficiently so that it gains extra capacity to retain memory.
  4. Beneficial for cough and cold: Honey works wonders in the treatment of common cold conditions. Honey becomes more effective in this treatment when mixed with lemon. This concoction has properties that effectively helps in getting rid of that irritating mucous.
  5. Helps us have sleep: Honey very seriously helps us a have a good sleep at night. Night is the perfect time to regenerate the energy and repair the loss due to the entire day’s work. This makes it very important to sleep at night. Consuming honey daily helps us in this, due to which we wake up to a fresh morning, with no fatigue and irritation due to lack of sleep. Honey contains chemicals which makes our insulin level rise. This releases serotonin and after a host of chemical reactions in the body, the brain directs to have good sleep.
  6. Natural antibiotic: Honey is one of the most effective natural antibiotics. It helps in curing burns and scrapes due to the bacteria like MRSA.
  7. Cures Herpes: Honey is sometimes used in the treatment of herpes.  It basically lowers the growth of microorganisms in the body thus preventing the spread of this disease.
  8. Great for the immune system: Honey is great when it comes to boosting of our immune system. It cleanses our body and reaches our digestive system to its optimal health.

There are several other benefits of honey. This is a real wonder of nature.


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